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Basic Handgun Training


Basic Handgun Training

We are the professionals you need if you are unfamiliar with handguns. We will teach you the basics of firearm safety, proper sight alignment and shooting skills. At the completion of this course you’ll be familiar with what it takes to qualify for Texas CHL Proficiency skills test. We use the newest up todate Lazer system to help you with the basic concept of handgun manipulation as well as carrying concealed weapons safely and properly.


What Will I Learn In the Basic Handgun Class?

  • The rules of safe gun handling
  • Identify parts of a Handgun
  • Shooting fundamentals – stance, grip, aim, and trigger control
  • Shoot the Texas CHL qualification test

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Required Equipment for class:

  • Handgun
  • 50 rounds of ammo
  • Class Length: 3 hours
  • Max students per class: 4


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