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Classroom Instructional Training Course (6 hours): You will learn about the Texas firearms and concealed carry laws, the use of force laws, and how to resolve disputes in a nonviolent manner. Classroom instruction takes 6 hours. All students are required to pass a handgun proficiency test with a minimum passing score of 70% using a pistol of at least 380 caliber. There is also a written examination on course material with a minimum passing score of 70%. When you purchase/enroll in a class please call/email Art Molina for class dates and times.

1 review for LTC/CHL Classroom Training

  1. Eric Perez

    The class was very excellent. I was driving around north fort worth one day and saw Art’s ad on his truck. I went out and bought my first firearm and took his class. I was not able to attend some of the class dates I signed up for but Art was very flexible with me and allowed me to attend when it was convenient for me. The class was good and Art gave us breaks so that we didn’t fall asleep (lol). I sat at the front of the class so I got picked on a lot (it was fun). The test wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t easy either. Pay attention in class and take it seriously. The shooting portion was fun, we all drove to the appropriate shooting range (driving own cars) and shot our firearms. I HIGHLY recommend that you buy/have/bring your own firearm just so you are comfortable with it when you qualify. The reason I give this a 4 Star not a 5 Star, is because the classroom participation wasn’t that great, and even I wish I asked more questions. Don’t be embarrassed to ask!

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